Coding Can Teach Life Skills to Kids With Autism

As our education system continues to recognize the importance of computer literacy (as evidenced by the introduction of computer coding into the national school syllabus), we at Civitas in conjunction with Play Project Mahavidya are in the process of setting up a computer lab that will offer the same opportunity to YOUNG ADULTS with special needs the same opportunity.

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How Coding Can Teach Life Skills to Kids With Autism
Bring to you a short extract of Craig Smith article. He is an educator from Australia and author of a number of popular free textbooks
“Take learning to code and the world of autism education. The connections might not be apparent at first — however, I have seen coding open new doors for students with autism in spectacular ways. Coding is such a powerful tool for interpreting the world in a way that is highly relatable to a great many of the students with autism I work with. With the language of code in their heads and an iPad at their fingertips, we are experiencing a whole new way of working with students with autism that is not only exciting but genuinely profound. “


Although many students with autism possess incredible talents and abilities, especially related to spatial reasoning, only very small percent of adults with autism are employed. In Malaysia mainly by businesses run by family members. Providing code education to students with autism is not only critical for providing these students with a fulfilling and enjoyable educational experience, but also for their success as adults.

Coding skills are in high demand.

In today’s ever-changing technology-reliant world, coding is becoming prevalent. More jobs are emerging that rely on computer science skills and more schools are working to integrate computer science into their curricula.

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