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What is CIVITAS?

Civitas is Latin meaning :” Citizenship, especially as imparting shared responsibility, a common purpose, and sense of community”

“The Civitas is not just the collective body of all the citizens, it is the contract binding them all together, because each of them is a civis”.

Explanation of Logo:Colored figures: the different qualities of creativity, trust, growth, strength and knowledge, to support the children and holding a community together represented by the hands.

Who is Civitas:

A group of passionate parents with special needs children, therapists from the Play Project, and people who want to give back to society, who came together to plan for the future of our children.

Our Vision:

To create a space for our children with special needs where they can live as much as possible independently within their capability, where they can learn traits, where they are safe and respected, where they are being guided and taken care of, when parents are no longer able to.

What we do at this moment to make our vision reality:-Create awareness eventsIn these public events in public places we make the children visual for general public. We invite parents with special needs kids, their siblings, friends and people interested and supportive to attend and give the children exposure. Doing so we create awareness, and hope to relief the stigma.

With these events we intend to educate the general public about children who might look, respond and play differently but nevertheless are children who need friendship and exposure with other kids to learn.We need to achieve acceptance first by exposing and create all-inclusive events so that we can create opportunities for inclusiveness in the future. 

Playhouse Cafe cum training ground.

The Playhouse cafe idea was embraced to create a regular social gathering for parents with children with special needs and those interested and supportive.

As a lot of parents with special needs children experience isolation and misunderstanding in society The Playhouse cafe is an opportunity for them to create a support system and community so that they don’t have to struggle on their own.

During this monthly set up Playhouse Cafe, art workshops and drum circles will be held and speakers will be invited to talk about related topics.

This Playhouse Cafe is intended to slowly start training children to help make and serve the beverages and food.The Playhouse Cafe will be held for now every third Sunday afternoon 3-6 at 2 Dato Kelana Maamor, 70200 Seremban 

What is Inclusive programs for youth with special needs

A special need is any difficulty that causes someone to need extra support to succeed. These difficulties can be physical, emotional, behavioral or learning-related. Young people of different backgrounds and all abilities need the chance to learn together. There is a lot of research about formal inclusive education, but very little specific about non-formal settings. 

Inclusive education values everyone’s uniqueness and the diversity that they bring. The goal is that every child feels a sense of belonging, value and safety. Provide a place for youth to develop relationships, skills and friendships. Inclusive settings are higher quality and fosters empathy. Youth need to socialize, play and learn together to develop understanding and respect. An inclusive youth program can lead to more inclusive community life.

Why it matters

Almost 16 out of every 100 students in youth programs may have a special need. It’s our responsibility to provide an inclusive environment for all to explore their potential, The world of opportunity should not be for just the 84 children.

It is the community’s responsibility to ensure that we do have a program for our youth programs that is open and accommodating to everyone. Every young adult should benefits from these supports. Youth programs are well positioned, in the lake garden area in Seremban which is easily accessible to all. Civitas in partnership with the Play Project Mahavidya will provide an environments that will support all youth to thrive. This is because we offer them chance to connect and learn together outside of school.

What effective practice looks like

Effective practice means striving to learn strategies to best meet needs. This also means that staff need training on how to work with special needs individuals. Understanding the need training staff, we are working closely with the Play Project Mahavidya which a highly trained staff until the need arise for us to have our own staff. A key part of this is program and it success is the way in which we developing strong relationships with parents of special-needs youth and receive their time its budding period.

We will strive to serve the best interests of all of our program participants. Working with special needs audiences may need more time to ensure success. Non-formal youth educational settings that will accommodate special needs and parents.